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A state-of-the-art new data center at Fransabank Group headquarters. Mideast Power Systems implementing the MEP Infrastructure

September 09, 2016 - Beirut, Lebanon

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Mideast Power Systems (MPS), an ITG company, was involved in building the new data center of Fransabank, in their headquarters in Hamra, Lebanon. Fransabank signed the agreement with the general contractor in charge of the project, Potel, a leader in the management of energy and telecommunication resources.

Potel chose MPS, being the representative of Schneider in Lebanon, the leader in comprehensive data center solutions. MPS scope was the supply and integration of the MEP infrastructure.


Fransabank needed to build a state-of-the-art data center with 34 racks as phase 1, and an IT load of 140KW. The bank required a 2N redundancy of the UPS and the cooling systems (with chilled water continuous cooling), and recommended a single vendor/brand solution for the following components: UPS, cooling, racks, PDU, EMS and DCIM.


MPS supplied and implemented all systems from Schneider Electric including, UPSs, Cooling, CRAH (Computer Room Air Handling Unit), racks, containments and accessories, Environmental Monitoring System (EMS), and DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management), raised flooring, in addition to structured cabling from Leviton.

MPS closely coordinated with Potel as the main electrical contractor and Equip as the mechanical sub-contractor.


More technical details about the MEP solution:

  • The cooling is based on a chilled water system with two 226KW chillers, with cold water storage tanks for continuous cooling.  Inside the data center, 4 Schneider CRAH units of 77KW each were installed
  • The UPS system is based on 4x120 KVA units, ensuring 2N redundancy, in addition to an 80KVA UPS to serve the cooling system
  • 34 racks from Schneider NetShelter series, based on 47U with 75x107mm and 75x120mm, along with cold aisle containment.  Power is fed to every rack via 2 intelligent PDUs, monitored through the DCIM
  • The EMS monitors temperature, humidity, water leakage, hydrogen level, differential pressure and notifies the DCIM
  • The DCIM is based on Schneider StruxureWare two modules, DCE and DCO, and is connected to the BMS to monitor all the data center equipment and the related electrical and mechanical services
  • Raised flooring and STS (Source Transfer Switch) units completed the  solution
  • The data structured cabling made of Cat6A and Fiber are from Leviton USA


The DCIM implementation and integration with all the DC components, was the real challenge. It is a first in the Lebanese market, and an expert from Schneider Electric was in charge of this task. The testing and commissioning was performed by two consultants from Pierre Damous & Partners (PDP) and SERT Consultant. Dedicated load banks, that MPS has the privilege to own exclusively in Lebanon, were used with the purpose of accurately simulating the operational ‘real’ power load.


Fransabank data center is now fully functional and the bank’s IT team initiated the migration.


A very professional team, from the contractor, to the supplier and of course the technology partner “MPS”, a key player that showed great flexibility and dynamism and was the right choice for the complex and hard implementation of Fransabank data center”, said Mr. Shady Matta, Head of Infrastructure & Security Section - Engineering & Logistics Department - Fransabank.


“Fransabank can pride themselves for having one of the best data centers in the local market, executed in an existing building, which is a challenge on its own. It is a state-of-the-art, fully redundant data center with provision to grow in two more phases without any interruption to the existing load. MPS has the right expertise, experience, products and proven reference track to successfully implement such a complex project. We might be the only company in Lebanon with such credentials”, said Mr. Joe Ghossoub, VP, ITG Site & Power Solutions.


About Fransabank Group


Fransabank Group banking and finance legacy dates back to more than nine decades of excellence supported by its very responsible role in the multi-dimensional development of the economies and communities it serves. The Group has succeeded in establishing, developing and consolidating a competitive edge that earned it a leading position amongst the Lebanese banking community and the countries into which it expanded. Today, Fransabank Group has a consolidated presence in eleven countries: Lebanon, France, Algeria, Belarus, Cyprus, Iraq, Cuba, UAE (Abu Dhabi) and in Ivory Coast. The Group also ranks first in terms of local branch network with 124 branches strategically spread all over the country, providing the Lebanese community with all types of banking products and services to satisfy their personal and professional banking wants and needs.

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About Schneider Electric


Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. The Group invests in R&D in order to sustain innovation and differentiation, with a strong commitment to sustainable development.

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About Mideast Power Systems


Mideast Power Systems (MPS), an ITG company, is specialized in the provision of critical power & cooling systems, electrical power distribution & control products, structured cabling and data center solutions, from renowned leaders.

MPS has been in the business of ensuring power continuity to its clients for more than 30 years. MPS supports critical power solutions, ranging from one system to complex multiple connected systems, with different environmental requirements. With thousands of power solutions installed in organizations in different industry sectors, and a robust team that developed the right expertise, MPS is the reliable partner. Our reputation is based on demonstrated capabilities. 

In addition MPS is specialized in the full design and implementation of turnkey data centers including disaster recovery sites and business continuity facilities, ensuring a reliable and safe operation. We are officially certified by the Uptime Institute as ‘Accredited Tier Designer’, and we are ‘Schneider Electric Elite Partner’ providing the full range of Schneider data center solutions.

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Information Technology Group (ITG) is a Lebanese holding company. We combine an array of autonomous affiliates dedicated to providing a large portfolio of solutions and services in the MENA region, in the areas of hardware, system software, and application software, in addition to building automation and office solutions.

Being a highly diversified group, ITG’s professionals are specialized in numerous technological fields and business sectors. Strong with our established reputation, proven track-record, and solid partnerships with leaders in the ICT industry, we can offer the full spectrum of solutions to most businesses, ranging from office furniture to the full-fledged data center, in addition to Cloud-based services.

ITG derives additional strength and reach thanks to its affiliation with the HOLCOM group of companies which has a 50 year history in diligently serving clients in the EMEA region with its 5,700 professionals.

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