Archiving Scanners

Archiving Scanners

Archiving Scanners
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High-speed, high-quality scanning, for ultimate production efficiency.


Our archiving scanners are ideal for use in mission-critical centralized production scanning, to process large amounts of documents. They have been developed to withstand the rigors of production-level scanning, while maintaining high-speed and high-quality imaging.




  • Wide variety of applications:  Mission-critical scanning, centralized production scanning, processing large amounts of documents
  • High Performance: Speed scanning, single-pass duplex scanning, scanning both sides of a document at the same time
  • Reliable and Flexible: Can handle a variety of document types. From business card to ledger sized documents. It can detect staple. It has a durable, solid-body design, with heavy-duty feed and eject trays
  • Efficient, smooth operation, with an easy-to-use control panel, user-programmable job buttons, and motorized paper-feed tray
  • Built with the environment in mind: Meeting several environmental guidelines, including ‘Energy Star’ guidelines, EU RoHS compliance, EU WEEE compliance
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