Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services
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Your business runs on information: Gain control of your documents, from creation, sharing, to storage. Managed Document Services for cost reduction and efficiency.


Documents contain information that helps you run your business. Whether you print, store, scan, track, or edit them, documents contain data that keeps your business on track. Managing those documents requires thoughtful planning and execution.


We can help with our Managed Document Services (MDS): From making the day-to-day creation and printing of documents easier or more efficient, to planning a secure workflow and document storage system. With MDS, you can gain control of the documents and processes you have today, and expand beyond into new levels of cost reduction and efficiency.


MDS is a unified offering for total output and document solutions management, customized to your business needs. From the printed page to the electronic document, we provide a portfolio of services to help you achieve cost reduction, improved service ability, support, and document accessibility.



Our approach for MDS starts with the discovery phase, where we learn about the company printing behaviour and environment: How you are creating documents today. What are you printing? How much are you printing? Who's printing and to which devices? An in-depth assessment provides more analysis on aspects of document management, workflow, and security.



We then design and propose the technical solution plan (hardware and software) to achieve your workflow goals. This is based on the assessment that helped identify the bottlenecks and areas of inefficiency within your office environment, related to hardware placement and document workflow.



Users will likely experience changes to where and how they print, how they order and receive supplies, how devices are serviced, and how they access and manage documents. Our team uses software programs and support solutions to ease this transition.



We regularly review the performance and savings, and we propose solutions for improvement as needed.

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