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We at ITG recognize that our activities and those of the private sector have an impact on society: On employees, customers, community, environment, business partners, shareholders and the public sector. We know that our decisions can contribute to the social good, to our wealth, and also to the overall society wealth. We are conscious of our Corporate Social Responsibility.


We aim to apply our commitments for a positive influence on society, at every level of the enterprise, from strategy to day-to-day operational practice. And that is a big challenge. Our mission statement reflects our commitment to our customers, business partners and our employees.


One of ITG’s main objectives is to keep OUR PEOPLE motivated, give them the chance to grow and enhance their skills, create a sense of ownership in their work and encourage them to excel in what they do. We strive to offer them a flexible working environment and a positive and pleasant atmosphere.


Values such as integrity, respect and trust, as well as adherence to high moral standards and business ethics, far from any discrimination, are part of ITG culture. We make sure that our employees are aware of our culture, as they represent ITG, and any instance of defiance is not tolerated. We believe that these codes of ethics make professional relationships more efficient, in and outside the workplace. Our culture, policies, procedures, and employee-friendly environment provide a good framework in which the interest of our employees, customers, business partners and shareholders are served.


ITG commitment to serving CUSTOMERS and to providing quality products is unwavering. We join our business expertise to our ethical code. Our key concerns are customer needs, quality, commitment, loyalty, performance, professionalism and satisfaction. Our responsibilities towards our customers are: Listening to them, providing reliable, relevant & transparent information, and innovative products & services, in the agreed time-frame, and finally respecting their privacy and the confidentiality of their information.


What we aim for with our BUSINESS PARTNERS and SHAREHOLDERS is to be the reliable business partner, for mutual benefits.


Compliance and transparency are key elements when dealing with the PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS. ITG complies with applicable laws and regulations and expects its directors, officers, and employees to conduct business in accordance with the letter, spirit, and intent of all relevant laws and to refrain from any illegal, dishonest, or unethical conduct.




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