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A Solar Photovoltaic Hybrid Power Plant for Gemayel Frères by ECOsys
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ECOsys, an ITG company, and a provider of world-class renewable energy and power solutions, supplied and installed a Photovoltaic Hybrid Power Plant at Gemayel Frères, Bikfaya Lebanon.


The total capacity of the solar power plant at Gemayel Frères is 300 KWp consisting of 966 PV panels roof-integrated and spread over 4 sheds. It is a hybrid photovoltaic system that operates in parallel with either the grid or Diesel generators.


The main challenge in this project is the energy management when operating in parallel with Diesel generators as the PV penetration represents around 60% of the total factory load. The energy management was achieved by the use of a fuel save controller especially designed and dedicated for this purpose.


The solar system generates around 430 MWh per year which helps in reducing the electricity bill as well as the use of Diesel generators.

In addition, the produced energy by the plant is a green energy that does not emit greenhouse gases and reduces CO2 emissions by around 300 tons yearly.


“Working with ECOsys on the project of installing a PV hybrid system of 300kwp was more a partnership than a business relationship. Their professional and dedicated team contributed to the success of this project”, said Rima Hayek, Quality Management & Social Responsibility Manager of Gemayel Frères. 


The project was co-funded by the European Union (UNDP-CEDRO project) and Gemayel Frères. It was also financed by the "National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action" (NEEREA), a national financing mechanism initiated by the Central Bank of Lebanon, dedicated to the financing of green energy projects in Lebanon.


The project is fully operational since March 6, 2017.


Gemayel Frères SAL


Gemayel Frères s.a.l. carries on its traditional mission as a very reliable supplier of corrugated cardboard boxes for customers in the industrial and agricultural sectors. 


Since 1929 Gemayel Frères s.a.l. has pioneered the paper recycling industry in Lebanon. Backed by modern technology and long years of experience, Gemayel Frères s.a.l. became “The One Stop Shop for Packaging” supplying the local companies & exporting worldwide to international customers.


Gemayel Frères s.a.l. strives to fully deliver total customer satisfaction. The company has been continuously aiming to materialize this drive by improving on the internal mechanisms that make sure that this commitment becomes reality. This commitment has led Gemayel Frères s.a.l. to be proudly the first corrugated cardboard manufacturing company to be ISO certified in Lebanon and the region in 1998. In February 2015, the company upgraded its quality management system to be in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Gemayel Frères s.a.l. believes in its role as partner with its stakeholders in providing sustainable packaging solutions while building its human capital and continuously improving its environmental footprint.

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About ECOsys


ECOsys, an ITG company, is a provider of world-class renewable energy & power solutions, for corporate, government institutions and homes.

ECOsys offering includes: Photovoltaic panels, hybrid energy solutions and related electronic components.

In addition, ECOsys offers direct current (DC) Telco power solutions as well as industrial batteries for reserve power.

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Information Technology Group (ITG) is a Lebanese holding company. We combine an array of autonomous affiliates dedicated to providing a large portfolio of solutions and services in the MENA region, in the areas of hardware, system software, and application software, in addition to building automation and office solutions.

Strong with our proven track-record and solid partnerships with leaders in the ICT industry, we can offer the full spectrum of solutions to most businesses, ranging from office furniture to the full-fledged data center, in addition to Cloud-based services.

ITG derives additional strength and reach thanks to its affiliation with the HOLCOM group of companies which has a 50 year history in diligently serving clients in the EMEA region with its 5,700 professionals.

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