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ECOsys Photovoltaic Power Plant at Chehab Industrial and Medical Gases
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ECOsys, an ITG company, has installed a Photovoltaic (PV) system with a 1 MWp capacity at Chehab Industrial and Medical Gases. The system is distributed over 7 rooftops at their factory in Debbieh, with a total area of 7200 m2, and will be operating in parallel with their diesel generators.


Primarily, Chehab Gas wanted to reduce their diesel consumption, and with the PV system provided by ECOsys, the solar system will be generating 1400 MWh per year, with a total capacity of 1000.56 kWp which will be saving up to 980 tons of CO2 per year.


The main challenge for ECOsys in this project was to control the output power, as the system consists of polycrystalline PV panels that are connected to 19 inverters which are decentralized in 5 different areas. For this reason, a centralized fuel save controller was installed in the main electrical room, which communicates with all inverters through fiber optics cables carried by electrical poles distributed on site to ensure a proper and safe operation of the PV system with diesel generators.


Mr. Fady Kahwaji, Technical Manager at Chehab Industrial and Medical Gases said ‘ECOsys’ team has proven to be highly professional, they are flexible, and respond to all of our commercial and technical inquiries. The technical team encountered many challenges as the system was not easy to install, but it is now running seamlessly.’ 


About Chehab Gas


Was established in 1978 subsidiary of CHEHAB BROS GROUP.

Over the years, the company has expanded to become one of the region’s leading gas manufacturers producing quality industrial gases (Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Argon, Acetylene ...), pure gases, high purity medical gases, specialty gases and component mixture gases for a wide range of industries and laboratories.

CIMG has a full range of industrial gases manufacturing plants.
The newest, completed in 2011 is one of the region’s largest standalone plants.

Backed by the technological and management expertise of its parent company Chehab Bros., CIMG is committed to explore new and better ways/products to meet the changing demand and need of customers.

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About ECOsys


ECOsys, an ITG company, is a provider of world-class renewable energy & power solutions, for corporate, government institutions and homes. Our offering includes: Solar Photovoltaic solutions, Hybrid energy solutions, Wind solutions, and the related electronic components.

In addition, ECOsys offers Direct Current (DC) Telco power solutions as well as industrial batteries for reserve power.

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Information Technology Group (ITG) is a Lebanese holding company. We combine an array of autonomous affiliates dedicated to providing a large portfolio of solutions and services in the MENA region, in the areas of hardware, system software, and application software, in addition to building automation and office solutions.

Strong with our proven track-record and solid partnerships with leaders in the ICT industry, we can offer the full spectrum of solutions to most businesses, ranging from office furniture to the full-fledged data center, in addition to Cloud-based services.

ITG derives additional strength and reach thanks to its affiliation with the HOLCOM group of companies which has a 50 year history in diligently serving clients in the EMEA region with its 5,700 professionals.

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