Structured Cabling

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Structured Cabling
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Cable connectivity solutions, with proven performance and reliability.


We provide network connectivity solutions from a world leader in the area of copper and fibre infrastructure systems. Whether your needs are for a data center, a large enterprise, or a small business infrastructure, we have the right networking setup for you.


The connectivity solutions we offer deliver proven performance with the reliability you have come to expect. They have been implemented in some of the most advanced data centers and applications in the world. Our solutions include: Copper and fiber infrastructure systems, fiber and wireless enclosures, and intelligent port management. 


In the area of DATA CENTER, our cable assemblies and connectivity solutions give you extra design flexibility for your equipment architecture. We can help you solve your data center challenges:


  • Space Limitations: Do more with the space you have. Free up rack space, consolidate patching, and use overhead space
  • Fast Deployment: Choose from plug-and-play fiber and copper systems designed to simplify additions and changes. Use snap-in, tool-free cassettes to minimize installation time. 
  • Cost Containment: Make smart infrastructure investments. Use connectivity and cable management designed to create significant, measurable long-term savings
  • Downtime and Risk: Avoid network disruptions that can lead to financial loss. Rely on intelligent monitoring to diagnose problems faster, prevent unauthorized changes and mistakes with locking fiber and copper connectivity
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