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Enterprise Servers
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Increase agility and flexibility with the right server for your business.


Shift away from a traditional server-based approach to a new compute approach that accelerates IT service delivery, lowers costs, and fuels business growth. Reimagine the server and start thinking in terms of compute for your business.


From the smallest SMB site to the largest enterprise data center, we can provide the server that is JUST RIGHT to help you increase agility and flexibility, reduce costs, grow revenue and profits, manage risk, and improve your customers’ and employees’ experiences.


The servers’ portfolio covers:


  • BLADE servers offering an agile and reliable converged infrastructure platform that is purpose-built for enterprise workloads rather than adding more technology silos


  • RACKMOUNT servers meet your needs whether you are new to servers or you are positioned to grow and expand your business


  • TOWER servers are expandable standalone servers that are an ideal choice for remote and branch offices and growing businesses


  • HYPERSCALE servers are rack-scale compute, storage, networking, power and cooling—massively scale-up and scale-out—solutions for the highest levels of performance and efficiency


  • MISSION-CRITICAL servers to service your always-on business on a platform focused on application uptime


  • CLOUD OPTIMIZED servers tailored to host Cloud-based workloads in a massively scalable datacenter


  • WORKLOAD ORIENTED systems are complete server systems engineered for specific workloads and delivered in a dense, energy-efficient package


  • COMPOSABLE INFRASTRUCTURE is a new category of infrastructure designed to accelerate application delivery in both traditional and new IT environments
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