Converged Infrastructure & Hyperconverged

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Converged Infrastructure & Hyperconverged
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HyperConverged IT Infrastructure for reduced cost and complexity.


With a world heading towards Software Defined Anything to reduce complexity, deployment time, and carbon footprint, the term Hype in IT has gained a new meaning: HyperConverged.


This new form factor tightly integrates network, compute, storage, and virtualization resources through the use of software instead of traditional hardware-based integrations.  This is an evolution from traditional three-tier approaches (Compute, Storage Network, and Storage) to server-network-storage one-tier architecture.




  • Avoid upfront costs by purchasing only what’s needed Today, then grow the performance, capacity, and redundancy with a Scale-up and Scale-out architecture
  • Reduce OPEX by managing your compute and storage environment from a single console in a seamless matter
  • Increase agility and reduce the time to market with quick installation and deployment time
  • Reduce RTO/RPO to near zero with an active/active site architecture
  • Reduce CAPEX by automatically moving workloads to the most appropriate storage tier, and benefit from every $/GB spent on your data
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