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Storage Virtualization & SDS
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Storage Virtualization for a simplified storage management.


Managing multiple storage devices can be difficult and time-consuming, so many IT managers turn to storage virtualization technology for data storage management. Storage virtualization can hide the complexity of a storage-area network (SAN) by pooling together multiple storage devices so they look like they're just one storage device. Reducing the complexity of a SAN can often help IT administrators perform backup tasks more easily.




Some of the Storage Virtualization benefits:

  • Present multiple components as a single logical pool
  • Add capacity to any storage solution and then divide resources as needed
  • Redefine new virtual storage pools from existing storage arrays or internal storage
  • Gain more space with thin-provisioning and space reclamation
  • Protect your data by taking a snapshot
  • Move data non-disruptively to avoid hot spots and bottlenecks
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