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Unified Communication & Collaboration
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Today’s workplace communications requirements are fast-changing and different than before.

In the rise of the "bring your own device" culture (smartphones, tablets, notebooks…), Unified communications and collaboration became an essential need for all organizations to enable work efficiency. Enterprises can chose to either embrace it, or chase it.




Unified Communications and collaboration examples are many and below is a list of some with their main benefits:

  • Presence: Check colleagues’ status and see who is available online for quick help in a specific request
  • Instant Messaging: Directly communicate with colleagues through instant messaging usually enabled on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to help deliver employee efficiency
  • Fax to email: Fax online and save the cost of traditional fax machines, ink, paper and the maintenance that comes with it. Also save time to be physically present at the fax machine to send and receive documents by using fax to email technology anywhere
  • Voice to email: Save the voice messages before they are deleted from set/server, get easy access to messages of importance, forward voice messages as emails accompanied by a written message
  • Collaboration tools: Virtual white boards, real-time audio, video and data conferencing used to remotely conduct presentations, webinars, meetings, trainings and share desktops. Collaboration tools main benefit lies in the fact that remote employees can have access to meetings and trainings, saving the time and cost of travel to specific locations
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