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Video Conferencing
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We live in an era where the perception of how we conduct business has been shifted by technology. The way we communicate with both staff and clients has changed. Employees have a need to work remotely. Conducting remote presentations for clients and trainees showed to save a lot of travel cost and time. All this has led organizations to accommodate the video conferencing technology in its different forms.


Video Conferencing can be provided in different types:

  • Telepresence: A setup in a conferencing room that resembles a live meeting. Large screen mounted on a wall, or table cameras mounted at eye level and table design, all make it seem as all participants are sitting on the same table and looking at each other
  • Room-based video conferencing: A screen, a video endpoint and a camera are centralized in the room, and transmit video images for all participants in one conferencing room at once, or to the participant who is currently speaking due to voice detection embedded feature
  • Desktop video conferencing: Brings video conferencing to the personal workplace. This is done through desktop computers, laptops, tablets or advanced IP phones with embedded cameras.
  • Cloud based video conferencing: same concept as above room based video conferencing involving same HW but with subscription licenses and not perpetual ones
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