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Data Security
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As a company’s data is its most critical asset, protecting this data is of the utmost importance.

While Data Protection Solutions (aka Backup) allow to recover damaged or lost data, they do not protect against 3rd party, such as theft or interception.

This is where Data Security comes in: the objective is to ensure your data is accessed by authorized individuals, and by these authorized individuals only.

Whether by mistake or intentionally, 3rd party should in no way gain access to your data.


Data Security solutions include:

  • Data Classification is a most important step when looking at securing your data. The objective is for you to get an understanding of your data (criticality, owner, authors, department, confidentiality, estimated $ value …) so that a security solution is in-line with the importance of the data
  • Data Loss Prevention (or Data Leakage Prevention) is used to monitor the flow of data within your enterprise to control “who is doing what” with it, thus preventing your data from intentionally or unintentionally leaving your safe environment

Encryption at multiple levels (disk, files, emails, …) so that even if someone was somehow able to get the data, it will be unreadable and unintelligible

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