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Security Intelligence & Risk Management
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Properly securing an infrastructure is not an easy task, and requires multiple disparate layers of protection that do not necessarily work together. As a result, there is no visibility into the security status of your environment and your assets. This is where Security Intelligence & Risk Management comes in, to give you consolidated and correlated visibility, with actionable intelligence, allowing you to prioritize security incidents based on asset criticality and automated risk analysis, and react accordingly where it matters most.


Securing a company’s environment usually requires various solutions that come in place at different layers of the infrastructure: gateway, datacenter, endpoint, server, …


Moreover, even a single layer can be protected at different levels:

  • Gateways can be protected by a firewall, IPS, web filtering or mail filtering
  • Endpoints are nearly always protected by Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware. But we often see Host-based IPS or even Network Access Control implemented
  • Servers also require an Anti-Virus, but are also often under the scrutiny of advanced monitoring solutions


However, all of these are mostly point solutions which are controlled and monitored individually.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions consolidate the relevant information from all these disparate levels and layers, analyze and correlate these events, and provide you with a clear centralized view of your security status, prioritized by asset, criticality, impact, risk level, department, location, …


And all this information can be summarized by using advanced dashboards and reports that can be customized and even restricted to a specific user role.

This gives you a better understanding of your security status, and allows you to take action when it matters, and where it matters.

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