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Virtualization Solutions
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After a tremendous amount of growth in the use of virtualization within data centers to enable such things as server consolidation, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery, virtualization is now also being used as a desktop computing platform. Client virtualization moves the execution, storage, and management of desktop environments from a distributed environment to a centralized environment, where the environments are accessed by end users typically through PCs or thin clients. Client virtualization technologies can enable organizations to simplify and improve desktop management capabilities such as software and hardware upgrades, patching, disaster recovery, and operating system migrations.




  • Lower IT TCO: Virtual desktops can measurably reduce overall IT operational costs — from prolonging hardware replacement cycles (Capex) to reducing desktop maintenance and service time (Opex)
  • Desktop management: IT administrators can centrally manage all virtual desktops in the data center environment, thus improving IT support efficiency. In addition, administrators can quickly set up new virtual machines, ensuring virtually zero downtime
  • Continuity planning/disaster recovery: Virtual machines can be quickly deployed to most PC hardware, which can be factored into organizational business continuity planning, allowing enterprises to return to operation quickly after disasters
  • Security and regulatory compliance: Virtual machines allow for policies that can remove physical connections (such as USB drives), improving overall enterprise network security
  • Hardware independence: Connected virtual desktops can run on most computers and thin clients without concerns about incompatible hardware or device drivers, as long as the client system can be connected to the data center to access the image
  • Additional benefits: Organizations can choose to deploy virtual machine endpoints with thin clients or other energy-saving devices, thus complying with green IT and reducing energy footprints. Additionally, improved computing reliability can increase the operational efficiency of end users/non-IT business units


Our flexible and scalable client virtualization offerings can be right-sized for varying workloads, provide a better means to control and protect endpoint environments, and improve users’ productivity experience.

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