Supply Chain Management & Solutions

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Klareo SAS, an ITG company, based in France, was born from the meeting of business and technology experts sharing the same observation and vision of the challenges of digital transformation facing players in the Supply Chain.


In a fast-moving, highly competitive world, leveraging new technologies is the only way-to-go to boost your margins, and ensure your business sustainability. Facing tomorrow’s supply chain challenges heavily relies on the capacity of companies to succeed in their digital transformation. Our mission is to enable digital Supply Chain to all market segments by putting an end to the everlasting, highly costly software deployment projects.


A state of the art TMS (Transport Management System) application has been developed by Klareo SAS to optimize transport costs while respecting constraints and guaranteeing service quality. The application’s main features include:

  • Distributed and Dynamic Order Management
  • Integrated Warehouse & Transportation Management
  • Omni-channel Delivery Fulfillment


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