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Claude J. Bahsali' interview with The Business Year

September 09, 2019

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ITG is a subsidiary of the Holcom group of companies, which employs roughly 5,700 professionals, out of which around 1,500 are based in Lebanon and the rest spread across the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

The vast majority of our group's business is in the ICT sector. ITG is an 800-strong group, whereby 65% of our business is in Lebanon and 35% in other Middle Eastern countries. Our developments revolve around four main pillars.

First is IT distribution, a high-volume and low-margin business. We distribute a large portfolio of brands, such as HP, Cisco, Dell/EMC, Canon, Epson, Apple, and other products to resellers. Second, we do systems integration, selling IT infrastructure and related solutions directly to end users.

Our third pillar relates to the provision of power protection and data center solutions, including uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), precision air conditioning, and related solutions. Huge deficiencies in Lebanon's electricity network represented an opportunity for us, and we are market leaders in this segment. This third pillar also comprises the supply of renewable energy solutions.

The fourth pillar concerns application software. In brief, we focus on five main verticals: banking and finance, telecom, hospitality, healthcare, and higher education solutions.

The whole IT market is shifting from a traditional “buying and selling” operations to building more added values and developing service-based businesses. As a group, we started driving on that path a few years ago. Read more