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ITG Goes Green

February 16, 2012 - Beirut

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On Thursday 16th of February, ITG (Holding) launched the ‘ITG Green initiative’, in a conference at Habtoor Grand Hotel-Beirut, under the patronage of T.E.R.R.E. Liban.
The event gathered ITG and affiliated companies’ top management, as well as selected ‘green’ committee members, responsible for implementing ITG green actions. 85 persons were present.


This event took place in collaboration with Mr. Paul Abi Rached, President and founder of T.E.R.R.E. Liban, a non-governmental organization whose sole purpose is to create and implement an environmental education within the Lebanese community.


In his welcome speech, Mr. Claude J. Bahsali Chairman & CEO of ITG (Holding) introduced the ITG Green Initiative. He insisted on how much sustainable development is crucial - development that doesn’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs - and how important to balance economic, social & environmental objectives, when making decisions today. ITG is conscious of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) towards the society and the environment, and has made a commitment, a year ago, to “Go Green” and as a result, introduced the eco-slogan “ITG = I Think Green”.


The aim of the conference was to raise awareness of ITG’s employees, with respect to their responsibility toward the environmental issues, create a positive influence, and finally get their support in implementing a set of concrete actions, to help preserve Lebanon natural resources.

Many other actions have been taken in the spirit of the green initiative such as replacing the normal plastic bags that take 400 years to degrade, by D2W biodegradable plastic bags.


Next action that was announced in this conference is the paper recycling project, which is more about the 3Rs: Reducing paper use, Re-using and finally Recycling. The aim is to fight massive consumption of paper, save and plant trees by recycling paper, and of course reduce ITG’s operational cost.

In addition, Mr. Bahsali talked about ITG new offices building under construction, that is  designed with the latest “energy-saving” technologies, and about the establishment of ECOsys (a division of Midware Data Systems, an ITG company),  to promote renewable energy solutions and spread the green initiative culture among ITG’s clients and fellow citizens.


In his presentation, Mr. Abi Rached talked about the state of the environment in Lebanon, its richness, threats and solutions. Lebanon natural heritage is very rich, as it occupies 0.0007% of the world area, but contains 1.11% of the world’s plant species, and 2.63% of its reptile, avian and mammalian species. The geography of Lebanon and the great diversity of climatic conditions have created a unique biodiversity with 9,119 of fauna and flora species.
Among Lebanon environmental threats he mentioned war, waste, quarries, invasion of concrete, disappearance of coastal agricultural lands, sale of fertile soil, passage of the Peace highway in the forest of Baabda, traffic air pollution, forest fires, and tourism projects threatening our natural heritage. This lead to a reduction of our forest coverage from 74% to 13% of the territory.


T.E.R.R.E. Liban has been the proud leader of many ecological projects such as ‘Papivore Malin’, the paper recycling project launched in 2011, with the outcome of saving 7,777 trees, and recycling 457 tons until today. Another project is ‘The Lebanese Eco-Citizen Charter’, helping changing citizens’ behavior in 1,139 public schools. Other projects include ‘Development of Baabda Forest’, ‘Mister-Tanak’ (can recycling) and ‘Carbon Neutral Car Project’ encouraging drivers to compensate for the cars carbon emission.


About ITG (Holding)

Registered in Beirut-Lebanon, Information Technology Group (ITG) is a holding company handling a portfolio of autonomous businesses dedicated to the provision of Information and Communication Technology solutions and the related professional services.

ITG is part of HOLCOM, a large group of companies, operating since 1967 and employing more than 2,890 professionals in over 29 countries.


About T.E.R.R.E. Liban

Founded in 1995, T.E.R.R.E. Liban is an independent Lebanese non-governmental organisation devoted to the creation and implementation of environmental education within Lebanon. In 2002, the organization was officially registered under the decree-law 106/AD.
The organization aims to:
- Spread environmental concepts to all citizens separate from any political or religious concepts
- Help and preserve the Lebanese natural heritage and its precious environmental biodiversity
- Protect Lebanon’s natural resources and change people’s behaviors and habits through environmental education.
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