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Hôtel-Dieu de France Digital Transformation Led By ITG

November 26, 2018 - Beirut, Lebanon

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Hôtel-Dieu de France (HDF) celebrated the launching of the last phase of DxCare, Hospital Information System (HIS), which made HDF the first eHospital in Lebanon!


The event took place on the 23rd of October in the presence of his Excellency Minister Hasbani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, the administration of USJ and HDF as well as other distinguished officials, guests and project team.


The digital transformation was led by ITG, the exclusive partner of DxCare, and its Subject Matter Expert team, alumni of the Healthcare Sector. HDF opted for this solution in order to move away from the manual and paper based approach and drive towards the hospital of tomorrow. The solution will help HDF optimize its Internal Process and Patient Safety by:

  • Applying and conforming to local & international accreditation and standards
  • Tracking patient progress from day 1 until discharge
  • Customizing care based on patient needs
  • Automating and linking all ancillary departments to the centralized comprehensive HIS

Furthermore with DxCare, HDF will optimize its Revenue Cycle Management by aligning the medical cycle with the financial one in a parallel, instantaneous and automated manner. With this at hand, HDF will be able to:

  • Optimize the hospital’s resource utilization
  • Eliminate discrepancies between the medical and financial departments
  • Reduce litigations and disputes with third party payers

In addition to the core Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Financial Suite being in place, DxCare offers HDF a multitude of specialized vertical modules that will act as an indispensable support tool for care givers and doctors, namely:

  • Operating Theater Management
  • Oncology
  • Reanimation and Intensive Care

With this revolutionary milestone accomplished, ITG wishes further success to HDF and looks forward to helping the healthcare industry in Lebanon and the region achieve greater success with the support of technology.


About Hôtel-Dieu de France


Hôtel-Dieu de France was established in 1923, 35 years after the establishment of Saint-Joseph’s University Faculty of Medicine.

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About Medasys (Part of Dedalus)


Dedalus is the largest clinical health software group in Europe with more than 2,000 clients across 4 continents. Medasys supports the performance, quality and innovation of Healthcare Institutions, both public and private. Their range of DxCare medical software provides an insightful solution for caregivers and institution managers, covering patient records, healthcare production, technical biology, imaging and pharmacy platforms, billing, reporting and activity management.

By placing patients at the heart of the system, the DxCare solution facilitates and optimizes the healthcare professionals’ (doctors, nurses, secretaries) daily work; focusing on shared, secure and intelligent patient data. Healthcare institutions can use the DxCare to achieve higher levels of excellence required by supervisory bodies and recognized by HIMSS Analytics.

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About ITB

ITB, an ITG company, has a proven track record in the supply and integration of software solutions addressed to vertical markets, including Healthcare, Hospitality, Higher Education, Learning Management System, and specialized CRM solutions.


In addition, ITB provides business software solutions in the area of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), HRMS (Human Resources Management System), Enterprise Project Management, Enterprise Application Integration and Information Portal, and Workflow Management.

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Information Technology Group (ITG) is a Lebanese holding company. We combine an array of autonomous affiliates dedicated to providing a large portfolio of solutions and services in the MENA region, in the areas of hardware, system software, and application software, in addition to building automation and office solutions.


Strong with our proven track-record and solid partnerships with leaders in the ICT industry, we can offer the full spectrum of solutions to most businesses, ranging from office furniture to the full-fledged data center, in addition to Cloud-based services.


ITG derives additional strength and reach thanks to its affiliation with the HOLCOM group of companies, which has a 50 year history in diligently serving clients in the EMEA region with its 5,700 professionals.

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