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Integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform by ITB to The Lebanese Red Cross

August 09, 2019 - Beirut, Lebanon

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ITB’ CRM Unit has implemented a complete & integrated IT solution to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) to help them digitally transform their operations.


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ITB was able to support the crucial mission of the LRC through the automation of dispatch functions to reduce incident response time. It also includes additional functions for managing volunteers, fleet & warehouse.


LRC central EMS dispatch room is located in Hazmieh. They received 435,303 calls in 2018. The center is using CRM for call taking in which they apply LRC protocols for dispatching. Also LRC is now able to measure its response time through timestamps collected using CRM. Patient information, mission data are being logged for better reporting. 


ITB’s CRM platform enables LRC to monitor and respond to calls in real-time making data-driven decisions, as they can track the whole operation from the initial call, reporting, moving ambulances… through this process, LRC is being able to analyze and measure its response time accurately.


ITB’s solution provided by our CRM team of experts is reliable, quicker and easier to use when dealing with critical missions all across Lebanon.


Integrated IT Solution modules:

  • Dispatch: Automating emergency & patient transport missions. This unit integrates the patient care reports & dispatches the decision criteria, call type & priority. In this section, the team in the call center can identify the available resources in real-time.
  • Volunteer Management: Manage volunteer applications, as the dashboard can track all activities of all volunteers’ history including training & other profile information.


  • Fleet & Equipment: Requests of procurement, maintenance and repair processes are unified in one dashboard forecasting for equipment & consumables with expected costs.



About Lebanese Red Cross

The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) is a national society that was established on July 9, 1945 as an independent National Society. In 1946, it was recognized by the State as a public nonprofit organization and as an auxiliary team to the medical personnel of the Lebanese Army. 

As Emergency Medical services, LRC has 46 stations distributed all over Lebanon and managed by four dispatch centers.

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