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ITB Supports Islamic University of Lebanon as it Prepares for Future Innovation

March 20, 2020 - Beirut, Lebanon

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Islamic University of Lebanon (IUL) has selected ITB, an ITG company, to provide them with a structured student information system (SIS) by Ellucian PowerCampus.


This move will help them build operational processes and procedures, enabling their institution to automate all their student-related tasks, as the university has been continuously seeking higher education excellence.


Over the years, IUL has been using an in-house solution to manage student data and were looking for an international system that can be tailored to their specific requirements and can evolve with their growing needs. 


IUL considers that technology has an important impact on all aspects of higher education and aims to fully harness the potential of technology as means to improve the quality and access to knowledge.


IUL believes that a partnership with ITB would contribute positively towards achieving their goal, and recognized that our team of experts have the right IT solutions. Ellucian PowerCampus would also meet their demands as their SIS provides an exclusive focus on higher education, with more than 2,700 institutions internationally using it.


‘Choosing PowerCampus to be our student information system at IUL wasn’t a tricky decision to take. After several demos, we were sure that PowerCampus is the right solution to use. Sure, Ellucian’s reputation as the leading provider of student information systems made us aware that we would be adapting a solution that is built using best practice procedures in higher education at international level’ said Dr. Ahmad Koubeissi, Advisor to the University President of Information Technology Affairs, Islamic University of Lebanon. 


PowerCampus will provide IUL with planned and formidable foundation to run all administrative processes including admissions, registration, management of student records and dynamic reporting services.


About The Islamic University of Lebanon


The Islamic University of Lebanon is a private Lebanese institution of higher education, licensed under decree n° 8600 of the 12th of June 1996. 

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About Ellucian

Inspired by the transformative impact of education, Ellucian develops software and services that power the essential work of higher education institutions around the globe.

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About ITB

ITB, an ITG company, has a proven track record in the supply and integration of software solutions addressed to vertical markets, including Healthcare, Hospitality, Higher Education, Learning Management System, and specialized CRM solutions.
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