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Fransabank Goes Live Amid the Lockdown with MDSL & Turnkey Systems

May 28, 2020 - Beirut, Lebanon

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In light of SWIFT's SR2020 mandates, the Global Payment Solution (GPI) was introduced to ensure that international payments meet the industry's needs for speed, end-to-end traceability and transparency. 
Fransabank has acquired Turnkey Systems GPI solution in partnership with MDSL, an ITG company, where a successful implementation was achieved.


Despite the unfortunate circumstances the world has been enduring due to the pandemic, all parties jointly put remarkable efforts to bring this project to closure in a seamless way; completing the Go Live amid the COVID-19 lockdown.


A remarkable index score of 98% accuracy has been received from SWIFT within the first month of the software’s live implementation and usage.

Turnkey's GPI is a comprehensive and dynamic Web Based solution that aims at improving cross border payments, end-to-end tracking, as well as bank charges transparency. The solution caters for all SWIFT requirements in a user-friendly module with core integration and full automation, whereby minimal to no user intervention is required. It is also able to fully integrate with REST based API for Omni Channel. In addition, the solution contains an advanced BI dashboard that is specifically designed for analytics and auditing purposes. Alerts, notifications and various reports are also generated. 
The implementation of the software is part of the bank's drive to be SWIFT recognized and listed in their global lists as a trusted bank that is fully compliant with SWIFT's regulatory requirements and other compliance obligations.

MDSL and Turnkey Systems (a certified and registered SWIFT partner) thrive to continuous improvement and we are currently developing an enhanced version to include GPI for corporate use. Leading banks from across the MENA are in the process of implementing the company's solution.


About Fransabank


Fransabank Group banking and finance legacy dates back to more than nine decades of excellence supported by its very responsible role in the multi-dimensional development of the economies and communities it serves. The Group has succeeded in establishing, developing and consolidating a competitive edge that earned it a leading position amongst the Lebanese banking community and the countries into which it expanded.

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About Turnkey Systems


Turnkey Systems sarl is a leading software house in Lebanon that was established in 1988. Specialized in FIN Payment solutions, SWIFT Integration, ACH/SEPA Integration, AML/CTF, FATCA Reporting, CRS Reporting, retail banking and large corporate business application integration. Currently, SDN Lists screening, Payment Hubs. Currently their banking financial & retail applications are running in more than 50 regional banks operating in Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya and Cyprus.

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About MDSL


Established in 1978, MDSL, an ITG company, has a proven track record in the supply and integration of turnkey banking solutions in Lebanon and the Middle East region, including Satellite application Banking solutions, EFT  and payments solutions.


In addition, MDSL offers Telco solutions, business analytics and business intelligence.
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