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Transporting Data with Sycurys

November 13, 2020 - Beirut, Lebanon

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When a specialist transmission provider, Sycurys a division of PCDealNet, an affiliate of ITG Holding, helps design and secure critical transmission in transportation projects, the results speak for themselves.


Whether it comes to providing network design and communications equipment for Video Surveillance, or for Traffic Monitoring or for Remotely Operated Temporary Traffic Management signs (ROTTM) for the transportation industry (Highways, Railways, Airports, Seaports, etc.), the data needs to be reliable and consistent. So that, for example, the signage displays correct, up to the minute traffic advice for drivers.

The key here is the quality of data transmission, and that's where AMG Systems comes in, represented by SYCURYS in the Middle-East.


Amongst the best ways to keep the busy highways running smoothly is by notifying drivers of changes in layout and conditions using VMS (Variable Messaging Signs). Because by design the messages they display need to change; the signs must be able to receive that information instantly from the control centre to alert drivers quickly to hazards such a broken-down vehicle. This can be achieved through the use of Industrial Hardened Media Converters, designed and manufactured in the UK by AMG Systems. The Industrial Converters compact size makes them ideal for installation in roadside cabinets, and with an operating temperature range of minus 40 to 75 deg C, makes them capable of operating in the most extreme environmental conditions. The dual speed 100Mb/1GB SFP port supports single-mode and multimode SFPs, with single or dual fibre options up to 120km makes it ideal for such verticals. The converters also comply with many standards, including the TR2130 rigorous certification for Motorway Communications Equipment for use on Trunk Roads.


Transportation hubs operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week are key to the country’s economy, thus an advanced and secure video surveillance system is a must. This system needs to operate on a redundant fibre optic ring network, so that if a fault or deliberate cut occurs, everything will carry on working. Therefore, the need for industrial PoE Ethernet switches that can withstand variable and tough conditions whilst providing full Layer 2 Management features. The AMG switches have the benefit of redundant ring technology STP and RSTP, as well as advanced VLAN features. IGMP v1/v2 support allows for greater control of Multicast traffic across the network.


Advanced security features allow for greater control and protection of network devices deployed in a distant area in Saudi Arabia for example.


When there is a need to upgrade existing traffic control rooms from analogue to IP or from standard IP to advanced IP, to help move large amounts of video and data to multiple separate monitoring locations, requiring the use of Multi-casting, VLAN and firewalls, the best option would be to call on video transmission and networking experts at SYCURYS.

The AMG Managed PLUS Industrial and future-proof Switches are the perfect fit, with up to 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 additional Dual Speed SFP ports for data uplink. (Supporting 100/1000Mbps data rates). All AMG Managed PLUS switches they have the benefit of Rapid Spanning Tree, Multiple Spanning Tree Protocols, Ethernet Ring Protection Switching and IGMP functionality to correctly route multicast traffic which is commonly used in such deployments.

For scenarios where an existing LAN/WAN is not available, or a customer needs a failsafe redundant path or greater bandwidth by utilising network load balancing, can all be achieved by providing remote cellular connectivity through the AMG750 Series 4G/LTE industrial grade router. This case applies in the Middle-east region to train and metro stations with multiple platforms serving tens to hundreds of thousands of people every day. Or to busy airports with intense operations requiring a robust networking infrastructure and design, where customers cannot risk compromising their access to critical data.

Examples where AMG Systems expertise has been used to provide network design and communications equipment include the Belfast motorways new bus lanes, the London’s M25 Variable Messaging Signs (VMS), the Cardiff traffic monitoring network upgrade, the new iPort Rail terminal CCTV system and other locations in Europe and the Middle-East.


For over 25 years AMG Systems have been providing innovative data transmission solutions across the world from its manufacturing centre in the UK. AMG are a UK manufacturer and leading global provider of environmentally robust Fibre, Analogue, IP/Ethernet, Wireless & Hybrid communication transmission solutions.
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SYCURYS is the Electronic Physical Security (EPS) entity within PCDealNet, an ITG company. With more than 20 years of experience in the Value-Added Distribution, SYCURYS is a leading provider of EPS products across the Middle-East region, combining expertise in solution design with best-of-breed technology brands. 

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