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A Sustainable Casino Du Liban With ECOsys

December 16, 2020 - Beirut, Lebanon

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Installing a solar energy systems is a strategic decision that guarantees a return on investment for businesses. Casino Du Liban has taken this leap with the help of ECOsys, an ITG company, under the management of LCEC and installed a 315.24 kWp photovoltaic system.

The execution of the solar system was completed in December 2019 by ECOsys’ team of engineers and technicians, and was implemented over 2,950 m2 roof area covering Casino Du Liban theater and administration.

Our team was able to overpass the challenging roof that had a gravel layer and a -4° inclination, by designing an esthetical PV system with different orientations.

The sustainable and clean energy system installed is expected to produce 452.36 megawatt-hours of energy yearly leading to a total of 316.65 tons of CO2 savings per year.


About Casino Du Liban
Today, Casino Du Liban regained its rightful place as a landmark tourist destination in the Region. It has deployed intensive efforts in boosting tourism and promoting a positive image of Lebanon’s leading institutions. Casino du Liban is constantly pulsating with traditional and international cultural activities, entertainment programs, culinary events, beauty pageants, poker tournaments and much more… It has become the preferred destination of gamblers, theatre lovers, art admirers, music aficionados and epicureans. This is the story of a fairy tale called Casino du Liban that started in 1959 and goes on till date, bringing together the magic and authenticity of the East and the culture of the West, in a mythical combination of magnificence and beauty, attracting thousands of tourists from the extreme far reaches of the Earth.

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About ECOsys
ECOsys, an ITG company, is a provider of world-class renewable energy & power solutions, for corporate, government institutions and homes. Our offering includes: Solar Photovoltaic solutions, Hybrid energy solutions, Wind solutions, and the related electronic components.

In addition, ECOsys offers Direct Current (DC) Telco power solutions as well as industrial batteries for reserve power.

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Information Technology Group (ITG) is a Lebanese holding company. We combine an array of autonomous affiliates dedicated to providing a large portfolio of solutions and services in the MENA region, in the areas of hardware, system software, and application software, in addition to building automation and office solutions.

Strong with our proven track-record and solid partnerships with leaders in the ICT industry, we can offer the full spectrum of solutions to most businesses, ranging from office furniture to the full-fledged data center, in addition to Cloud-based services.

ITG derives additional strength and reach thanks to its affiliation with the HOLCOM group of companies which has a 50 year history in diligently serving clients in the EMEA region with its 5,700 professionals.

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