ITG Holding response to COVID-19

ITG Holding response to COVID-19

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ITG Holding response to COVID-19
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Again... we will prevail

We are living through some unprecedented and extraordinary times. We need courage, high spirit and moral strength to overcome this. We, at ITG, are doing everything we can... We should not surrender; we never did and we never will. Let's not run away from planning, investing, believing, working and dreaming. Let's remember what we've been through and how we overcame that. This is just another challenge.


— Claude J. Bahsali , Chairman & CEO, ITG Holding


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General overview

In the midst of COVID-19 in addition to our local problems, a lot of efforts have been done to change our work habits and adapt to the new reality. We are working to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees by staying connected and providing information and resources to our customers remotely. 
Our thoughts are with the people affected and the medical specialists that, with their continuous work, are in the frontline of the fight against this pandemic. 





Our employees are at the heart of our business and we are all fighting together this significant global challenge with flexibility, resilience, and courage by:
  • Putting in place strict hygiene & safety measures in our offices


  • Encouraging working from home and practicing social distancing at the office

  • Staying connected with our employees by sharing confinement tips on a weekly basis covering advices related to their general health, positivity, wellbeing… and how to get back to the office life 






Building on our previous CSR efforts, we are encouraging and supporting: 


Quality education by contributing and donating unused Laptop/Tablet to kids in need to maintain their schooling & online learning with LebanonLearn 



Campaigns that are fighting poverty and zero hunger Lira Wara Lira Betshabe3 



 Providing remote technical support for all requests by our agents that are available 24/7

 Helping customers during this period with our SOLUTIONS and technology