Wiring Devices

Wiring Devices

Wiring Devices
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A large choice of wiring devices that integrate seamlessly with your home design theme.


We provide a comprehensive range of home wiring accessories that guarantee quality, flexibility, safety and performance with the practical features that save the installer time and energy.


We offer hundreds of choices in stand-alone dimmers, switches and outlets, with a wide array of styles, colors, and control options. Multiple designs and control openings complement any décor and provide functionality for ambiance, convenience, and security.


Our large range of wiring accessories with superb quality and easy to install technical specifications include: The simple design, the chic style of flat plate, the metal clad model, the weatherproof range for outdoor options, in addition to the next generation of Ethernet enabled wall socket providing a fast and reliable networking solution. You will always find the style and finish you need, that integrates seamlessly with your design theme.

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