Electric Door Lock & Fingerprint

Electric Door Lock & Fingerprint

Electric Door Lock & Fingerprint
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Add more security and convenience to your door locks.


The electric door lock & fingerprint solution offers a convenient and secure alternative for conventional means of access, using state-of-the-art biometric technology, and providing security to your home.


The fingerprint solution offers reliable added security, and makes stolen keys, cards, and forgotten passwords or codes, a thing of the past. Your finger is the key. The smart way to go starts with your finger. With a single finger open the door, set a certain lighting scene, and even trigger an alarm to call security.


The fingerprint solution is suitable for doors, garages, locks, PCs, notebooks, terminals, networks and even the internet.


Our electric door lock products offer unsurpassed safety, security, convenience and design excellence. The latest range takes the engineering and design principles to a new level of perfection.

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