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Designed for productivity, all-in-one office copiers offer easy printing, scanning, copying and faxing.


All-in-one office B&W and color office copiers / printers delivering high-quality, easy printing, scanning, copying and faxing. Made for even the most demanding offices requiring:

  • High productivity
  • Pleasant user experience
  • Powerful integration & management
  • Cost & investment control


We offer a large portfolio of office copiers / printers from world leaders. You can select the solution that is most suitable to your challenging business environment, and choose speed, quality, security, integration, finishing options, and cost control features, among others.


  • Smart multifunction enabling high quality color printing
  • Fast and efficient document handling. Capturing and converting paper documents to flexible formats, including MS Word, ready for digital re-use, adding value to busy offices
  • Advanced multifunctional device, for production print speed and quality
  • Powerfully productive models offering high-end finishing options
  • Feature packed models for advanced device, network and document security
  • Seamless integration into networks and enterprise solutions, resource sharing with other devices and the ability to link to Cloud services.
  • Advanced control over your investment with smart user authentication that puts you in control of user access and right. You can also restrict access to specific functions by user to control cost
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