IT Support & Maintenance

IT Support & Maintenance

IT Support & Maintenance
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The right and responsive support for your IT infrastructure.


Your IT Infrastructure is critical to your business, which relies on its availability, all the time. We are here to provide you with the right IT support, to make sure your infrastructure keeps on running smoothly, to resolve your IT problems, keep your IT platform updated, and get your business back on track, in case of system failure. We have been providing IT services to our clients for more than 35 years, witnessing the different phases of the IT industry evolution.


Our responsive and efficient IT support and break/fix services follow any number of possible paths to ensure a prompt and complete resolution. Our certified team of IT professionals, trained by world leading IT suppliers, has the know-how and the right competencies in the different components of your IT architecture, hardware and software, to address your technical issues and to support your end-users, in coordination with your IT support team.


Our team expertise covers the wide spectrum of IT solutions, inside and outside the Data Center: Servers, storage, virtualization, IT security, business continuity, networking, communications, client computing, and office and collaboration solutions.


We adhere to detailed escalation and resolution processes to ensure responsive action and prompt remediation. We work with your institution to deliver the services that best address your needs — before they become issues. Our flexible approach ensures our capability to meet your needs.

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