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Banking solutions for a better customer service.


Our sophisticated core banking solutions cover all areas of banking, from retail to corporate, with the comprehensive and rich functionalities you need to address your front and back-office requirements, and to better serve your clients, across multiple channels.


Based on the latest technologies, our solutions are very flexible and enable your bank to quickly react to market challenges and trends, and to propose new customer-focused products and services, the products that your customers want.


The functionality, flexibility, ease-of-use, and technology, of the core banking solutions, are the ingredients for a better customer service, and an enhanced bank’s profitability.




  • Advanced and comprehensive real-time core banking, across all channels
  • Support for multi-entities, multi-regions, and multi-currencies
  • Full Bi-lingual Interface (Arabic / Latin)
  • Flexible and easy to configure
  • Strong product builder enabling a quick time to market for new products
  • Highly scalable to adapt to market requirements
  • High level of security in application access control and users management
  • Compliance with national and international bodies regulatory requirements
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Open standards-based, enabling easy integration with other systems, and adoption of technology changes
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