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Reach your customers on any device, and enrich their user experience.


The way banks used to operate has changed due to the introduction of new channels such as Internet and mobile, and the shift to digital banking. Banks have no choice but to follow the pace of technology, and the new way of doing business, in order to provide the rich experience, their customers expect.


Customers are today connected and mobile and they expect speed of service, choice of solutions, and convenience with finance operations. A new banking scenario emerged, where banks have to reach their customers, via multiple channels, bringing them added-value, enriching their User Experience (UX), while providing a competitive edge to the bank.


Mobile is rapidly becoming the preferred channel to do banking operations. To respond to customers’ demands, banks need to have an innovative technology platform, capable to shift to digital banking.


Our eChannels solutions include INTERNET Banking and MOBILE Banking. They are developed with the right technologies, capable of evolving to accommodate new devices (that will continue to emerge), and to absorb new innovations. They are built on a strong security architecture that safeguards the data. The technology platform is open, extensible, scalable and high performing.


They are fully integrated with our Core Banking solutions, and can be interfaced to legacy systems through a ‘data connectivity’ layer, and via a variety of protocols.




  • Branch digital transformation
  • Accelerate time-to-market of new products and services
  • Extend your reach to customers using any device
  • Dynamic, rich User Experience (UX) responsive design
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