Talent Management (Cloud)

Talent Management (Cloud)

Talent Management (Cloud)
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Better talents for a better business performance. Put the right people in the right jobs. Solution on the Cloud.


Organizations are aware that having the best talent is becoming critical for their success, and for achieving the best results, in the increasingly competitive global economy.

Talent Management is all about giving businesses the technology and best practices to attract, hire, and develop the most talented persons.


Talent Management is available as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS). It allows you to drive a talent management strategy and gives you all the data, processes, and tools you need to hire quality candidates, faster and at a lower cost, retain them, and develop their career within the company.


The solution addresses the challenges faced by the HR management in the hiring process including screening candidates, setting up interviews, and in defining KPIs, and identifying good/low performers within the company.  It covers all phases of the talent lifecycle – planning, recruiting, performance, learning, career development, succession planning, compensation, talent reviews and measuring, and reporting.



  • Attract, retain, and motivate top talent with flexible, workflow-driven solution
  • Align individual goals with corporate goals and provide clear visibility into how each employee contributes to the success of the organization
  • Gain visibility into your workforce with  analytics and predictive capabilities
  • Drive a strategic end-to-end talent management strategy with a single, integrated system



Recruitment cycle

  • Boost productivity by automating the recruitment process
  • Personalize experience for job seekers, recruiters, and hiring managers
  • Improve your ability to attract and retain the best talent

Learning management

  • Offer a single learning management system to employees

Solution for compensation

  • Plan, model, and allocate global compensation programs
  • Communicate rewards and benefits to employees

Performance management

  •  Align workforce to organizational goals and match workforce performance with business goals

Succession planning

  • Ensure business continuity and reduce risks associated with talent mobility
  • Engage and motivate your workforce
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