Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS
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Get into the world of Cloud Computing: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), with the right fit for your high-performance workloads.



Your enterprise gets access to our computer resources, on the Cloud. Your virtual environment includes servers, storage, networking, and more.



We offer you computing power, storage options, database and advanced networking that integrate with your environment, and enable you to run any workload at any time. We either provide virtual machines, or hosted private cloud services.




  • Instant provisioning, increased resources on the fly without investing in new hardware
  • Scalability: Infrastructure as per your current needs, able to evolve with future growth
  • Security & reliability
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime & availability
  • Governance in managing the critical data center space and resources
  • Cost-effective: No initial investment, monthly plan, cancel anytime
  • 24x7 maintenance & support by qualified and certified professionals
  • Freeing your IT staff from the hassle of managing IT resources
  • Service Level Agreement   



We make it simple, flexible and super-fast, yet cost-effective. You have the possibility to choose between Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, for your virtual machines, as operating systems in managed mode, where the base software can be installed according to the requirements of each application.

In addition, we offer a scalable system, technical support, operation and infrastructure maintenance, and proactive monitoring.



If you are looking for confidentiality, privacy and secrecy, our private cloud solutions are designed to provide you with a fully managed single-tenant, dedicated environment, in terms of servers, storage and networking.  Our private cloud solutions give you the agility, scalability and efficiency of a public cloud, with the privacy you require.


All managed IaaS services can be provided in an unmanaged way.

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