Backup 2 DR

Backup 2 DR

Backup 2 DR
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Recover your business smoothly with our Backup 2 DR service


As cloud service providers for Backup as a Service (BaaS), we understand that the protection of your data is imperative to your success. Hence, we monitor and provide technical services to ensure the backup of your data and its recovery in case of any system failure.

This is achieved by replacing traditional backup systems that required expensive software, hardware, and support services with innovative solutions.
BaaS provides a flexible and secure solution to protect your data onsite and offsite.


Our service consists of replicating your backup jobs to our domestic cloud or to the public cloud, so you can preserve a second offsite copy. This is what Backup 2 DR (Backup 2 Disaster Recovery) is all about.


In case of emergency, you are no longer limited to the BaaS only: our Backup 2 DR solution can restore your offsite backup residing in our cloud and you resume your activity.

All these benefits are offered with only a minimal fee for your reserved machines in the DR.


Benefits of Backup 2 DR


  • Low TCO backup solution with reliable local support
  • Self-service portal
  • Straightforward and ease of use
  • Customized scheduling to meet your specific needs
  • Enterprise technology that enforce rigid security
  • Guaranteed quality of service
  • Safeguard against malware intrusion
  • Instant recovery within minutes
  • Managed software and agents updates and upgrades
  • Verified backups in the cloud
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