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The right switchgears to control and protect your electrical equipment.


We offer a complete range of factory assembled IEC low voltage motor control and power distribution assemblies for applications in commercial and industrial markets. Licensed platforms include complete third party certification to international standards, and are available from our network of licensed panel builders.


Our switchgears suppliers are among the global leaders in power distribution, power quality, control and automation, monitoring products and services. We provide customer-driven solutions to serve the power system needs of all sectors: Data center, industrial, institutional and public, utility, commercial, residential, mission critical and alternative energy.


The combination of lightning arrester and surge suppression devices developed specifically for applications, with our panel boards, ensures outstanding product performance for all sensitive, mission-critical and general purpose loads.


Our switchgears are assembled in various combinations to satisfy user application requirements, whether for indoor or outdoor.  They are designed for space saving, easy access, maintenance free in an environmentally responsible package. They provide one of the highest safety measures in the industry.

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