Guest Room Management

Guest Room Management

Guest Room Management
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Improve operations and reduce costs while increasing guests’ control and comfort.


The Guestroom Management System (GRMS) provides easy management and control of light, temperature, and shade, for any building, property or hotel, in addition to the control of entertainment, as well as privacy and security in the hotel industry.


It offers beautiful, energy-efficient, affordable control options that will help differentiate your property or hotel, and delight your guests. All these features are delivered with powerful smart room controllers that offer multi-language support, and elegantly designed products that blend beautifully with your decor.


With the efficient room controllers and the seamless integration of the system components, our guestroom management enables you to realize significant financial savings throughout the operation and maintenance of your building or hotel.





  • Enhanced experience for your guests: Create a comfortable, inviting, and private environment, and provide an easy management
  • Bedside and entry keypads provide convenient control
  • Ultra-quiet motors and smooth performance enhance the guest experience



  • Improves efficiency
  • Saves energy and operating costs, from reduced lighting and HVAC energy usage
  • All-in-one solution for the entire property/hotel: From guestrooms to public areas and back-of-house
  • Uses room occupied/unoccupied information for guest presence detection, and ensures automated, unobtrusive control
  • Provides integration with other building/hotel systems
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