Architecture Material

Architecture Material

Architecture Material
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Flexible architecture material for an intelligent office concept.


We offer innovative office architecture material, a totally integrated system, based on a new way of design, providing an acoustic, very flexible, and aesthetic solution for an intelligent office and working environment.


Our multipurpose suspended ceiling structure receives any type of ceiling, partitioning wall, lighting, cabling, air diffuser and rolling shades, combining absolute aesthetic value with remarkable technological performance: From thermal and acoustic insulation to energy optimization, plus extraordinary flexibility in layout, and high synergy between all elements.


Everything is hidden within the suspended ceiling, making for cleaner aesthetics and much easier assembly and maintenance.




  • Total and intelligent system integration
  • Technology combined with aesthetic
  • Suspended ceiling that simplifies architecture
  • The right suspended ceiling for your needs
  • Flexibility to cater for future changes
  • Space for privacy by guaranteeing high levels of sound impedance
  • Easy assembly and maintenance
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