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Lending / Collection

Lending / Collection
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Meet the challenges of delivering efficient lending and collection services with a solid risk management.


With our complete lending and collection system, we support retail lending, corporate banking, cash management, mobile and internet banking, automotive finance and other business areas.


The Lending solution is an end-to-end loan lifecycle management system for banks and financial services companies. It is a powerhouse of seamlessly integrated applications, designed to provide risk management, operational and decision-making support in the lending lifecycle.

The next-generation of lending solution is built on an advanced technology platform. The multi-channel solution helps digitize the complete loan lifecycle end-to-end, from initial contact with customers, for better and faster credit decisions, a comprehensive loan servicing, and sophisticated delinquency management.

With implementations across 50 countries, the Lending solution has been recognized as the world’s best-selling lending solution for over 10 years.


Our Collections system is a customer centric, web based and workflow driven solution that allows financial institutions to manage, monitor and control the delinquent loan accounts, while automating the loan collections management framework. The workflow manager governs the entire business processes, and the rule engine defines the supporting rules in line with their policies. The collection system also empowers the institutions to define strategies for classification, allocation and follow-up actions as well as maintaining details on repossessed asset, with support for their valuation and disposal.


Both of our lending and collections systems support on-premise and cloud deployments. Cloud deployment enables a quick implementation through our group cloud provider, delivers flexibility in scale, without high upfront capital expenditure, while optimizing costs by supporting pay-per-use models.

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