Output Management

Output Management

Output Management
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Design, customize, and generate your own report, from multiple data sources.


Are you looking for an easy solution to design and generate customized reports? We have the right solution for you.


Our Output Management solution is a powerful free-form report designing business tool, to create custom template layouts at will. The solution provides customers with the capability of designing, formatting, editing, and generating reports and templates quickly and easily, interfacing with Microsoft Office. This is possible through our partnership with Windward, a provider of template design tools.  


The Output Management solution is fully customizable, and gives the user the power to link documents, spreadsheets and slides, to nearly any available data source. Not only are template designs limitless, users may also use templates already available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.




  • Companies constantly generating numerous reports
  • Companies wasting valuable time fixing unorganized reports
  • Companies asking for quick report generation




The Output Management solution works using multiple data source formats, from one or several applications, utilizing different integration types (directory based, Web services, FTP, etc.). It can receive files from different applications, transform them into readable/ manageable formats, and generate the reports.

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