Risk Management & Profitability

Risk Management & Profitability

Risk Management & Profitability
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Better risk management with a clearer view on financial data.


Today, financial services organizations are being challenged to develop better risk management indicators, more integrated risk management, and to embed risk in the front office. In addition they face a big pressure to maintain and grow profit margins, despite challenges associated with new consumer demands, non-traditional competitors, and heavy regulatory burdens. A portfolio-wide view of risk will help firms to manage risk better by giving them a clearer view of their situation.


Our Risk Management solutions help financial organizations with a comprehensive suite of risk management technologies to address compliance, credit risk, financial crime, market risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk. With our solutions, organizations are able to reduce exposure to risk and minimize losses, while complying fully with regulatory mandates.


They deliver the processes, best practices, regulatory intelligence, and analytics required by this highly regulated industry. Our risk management, compliance, finance, and performance solutions, provide financial institutions with better control and management of their financial data, and a clearer enterprise view and enhanced management of risk and performance.


The ALM solution is based on our integrated data architecture and is extensible via a full-fledged finance and international financial reporting standards module. It provides a wide range of advanced and comprehensive liquidity and interest rate risk analytics and reporting, including balance sheet modeling, risk measurement, risk management, stress testing, duration and liquidity gaps reporting, and regulatory compliance.


The RISK solution provides advanced credit, market and operational risk management capabilities, enabling banks to analyze exposures and accurately calculate regulatory capital to meet full Basel II compliance and assist in the journey to Basel III compliance.


The MARKET RISK & ANALYTICS components provide banks with an integrated view of profit & loss and risk on your balance sheet, both from a risk and a business unit perspective. It offers all modern risk analytics and techniques, from basic gap analysis, through more advanced Value at Risk (VaR) techniques, yield curve modeling and pricing tools, and into simultaneous dynamic simulation of credit and market risk, based on Monte Carlo modeling. They help you extend and improve your analytical capability. A powerful reporting engine delivers granular and more valuable report generation.


The PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT suite addresses the different performance management requirements needed to facilitate operational, analytical and strategic decision-making processes. The solution performs the full range of industry-specific calculations and processes to streamline performance and key management disclosures in a fast, transparent and fully-controlled way. It further supports firms in their strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting through simulations and analytics.

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