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An Essential System for any Financial Institution


The solution is an innovative and integrated one that is developed to address the growing needs and issues faced by banking professionals in their ATM operations and management.

Since financial institutions rely on manual processes and interventions in their ATM reconciliation, it increases the likelihood of mistakes resulting in unnecessary risks and service outage leading to delays and customers dissatisfaction.

Our system for ATMs improves reconciliation processes and allows for all issues to be quickly identified and resolved in a guided workflow.


It improves efficiency, reduces fraud, minimizes customer complaints, reduces effort and demands on employees by consolidating information, and automating tasks that were traditionally undertaken manually.


The solution is designed for quick implementation as it can be deployed in any environment with our specialized team, providing additional benefits such as:


  • Improving reconciliation accuracy and getting more accurate results
  • Reducing the possibility of errors and avoiding the risk of fraudulent activities and human error through the four-eye principle in the acceptance and confirmation of results
  • Identifying fraudulent activity, even from the inside
  • Identifying bugs that have slipped into the production environment, in a non-intrusive manner that does not affect production operation
  • Ensuring subsystem consistency and data integrity between systems
  • Speeding up the testing of other subsystems
  • Enhancing customer service by monitoring staff performance and providing the basis for incentives to improve it
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