Imaging & Printing (Business)

Imaging & Printing (Business)

Imaging & Printing (Business)
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  • Multifunctions Devices

Designed for productivity, all-in-one office copiers offer easy printing, scanning, copying and faxing.

All-in-one office B&W and color office copiers / printers delivering high-quality, easy printing, scanning, copying and faxing. Made for even the most demanding offices requiring:

  • High productivity
  • Pleasant user experience
  • Powerful integration & management
  • Cost & investment control


This solution is offered by Canon & HP


  • Production Printers

Reliable and highly efficient commercial printers, perfect for in-house printing and publishing. Outstanding color printing technology combined with easy-to-use workflow to deliver the image quality you need, when you need it.


This solution is offered by Canon


  • Archiving Scanners

High-speed, high-quality scanning, for ultimate production efficiency.

Our archiving scanners are ideal for use in mission-critical centralized production scanning, to process large amounts of documents. They have been developed to withstand the rigors of production-level scanning, while maintaining high-speed and high-quality imaging.


This solution is offered by Canon


  • Large Format Printers
  • Indoor Printers/Plotters:

Wide format printers for all needs: From photography, to CAD/ GIS, and very large printing.
Whether you are an architect, designer, or print service provider, you can check our line of flexible, reliable and high-quality products to meet your large-format printing needs.


This solution is offered by Canon & HP


  • Outdoor Plotters:

Large format graphics inkjet printers offering unrivalled image quality, for outdoor applications.

We provide large format graphics inkjet printers for the sign and graphics market, which offer unrivalled image quality. These highly durable graphics printers are well suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, including banners, backlit, fleet and vehicle graphics as well as wallpaper, pop displays, floor and exhibition graphics and more.


This solution is offered by OKI & Canon


  • UV Flatbed Printers:

All our proposed UV flatbed printers’ series share the same award-winning image quality and robust architecture, offering values of quality, reliability, productivity and user-friendliness. They have won close to numerous industry awards to date from organizations throughout the world.


This solution is offered by Canon


  • Cutting & Engraving

Whether you are looking for a CO2 or fiber laser system, we have the machine for you. Select the right system depending on what materials you need to mark. While a fiber laser will mark bare metals, ceramics and engineered plastics, a CO2 laser system can engrave on a wider variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, rubber, plastic, marble, metal, glass, and more.


This solution is offered by Epilog & Mehta


  • 3D (Business)
  • 3D Printers:

Our 3D Printing Solution revolutionizes design, prototyping and manufacturing, and delivers superior quality physical parts. By printing functional parts at the individual voxel level, we offer customers an unprecedented ability to transform part properties and deliver mass customization.


This solution is offered by 3D Systems & HP


  • 3D Scanners:

The Immersive Computing platform redefines the user experience and creates a foundation for future immersive technologies. Preparing for the future of computing, our set of 3D scanning and 3D printing are designed to break down the barriers between the digital and physical worlds.


This solution is offered by Artec 3D & HP


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