Document Management Solutions & Services

Document Management Solutions & Services

Document Management Solutions & Services
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  • E-FILE

A fully integrated document management solution that manages all types of documents regardless of format in a central repository, and allows authorized users to access them based on pre-defined rights & privileges. It is easy to use and implement and offers an excellent ROI.


This solution is offered by E-File


  • Document Capturing Services

To help companies convert their physical documents into easily retrievable scanned documents, and free up space and employee hours from repetitive scanning, our dedicated DMS division offers capturing services for any quantity of documents with a reasonable timeframe, and with the highest quality standards.

The service can be performed onsite, providing complete confidentiality. Our capturing services apply to any industry, size or scope of business.

Till date, our teams have delivered more than 65 million papers in different projects.


  • Content Management

Our solution manages the entire lifecycle of the information, and provides a set of tools to allow you to capture, process, store, and manage unstructured content across the organization, including document management, workflow, and full-text search and retrieval services, all integrated into a platform that is easily customized and extended. In addition it provides maximum security against unauthorized access, through a robust access control and auditing system.


This solution is offered by Therefore - E-File - Oracle - SharePoint


  • Business Process Management

Streamline your business processes and workflows, and implement best practices for more efficiency and fast adaptation to ever-changing environments. Automate your processes ranging from the simple ones to those requiring complex logic, from departmental to organization-wide, and from a single site to multiple sites connecting to content and systems throughout the enterprise and the cloud.


This solution is offered by Therefore - Nintex - Oracle - HPE


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