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Next Generation of Card-Issuance Systems for Self-Service Kiosks


This self-service kiosk enables consumers of financial institutions, retailers, governments and healthcare organization the convenience to instantly issue payment or identification cards.

The high quality card printer has proven reliability and low maintenance requirements that makes it easy to use, secure and adaptable, as it can offer personalization options such as embossing, rear indenting, magnetic stripe encoding and smartcard code encoding.


The multi-function kiosk solution meets all security requirements:


  • Integrates with the Bank system through web and mobile application
  • Customers can request a replacement card from the web or mobile application, and receive it from the kiosk; or even cancel the card
  • Receive the location of the nearest branch
  • Receive OTP for identification
  • Insert OTP into kiosk screen for identification
  • Type & verify PIN code
  • Retract the card if not picked
  • Remote monitoring
  • Fully customizable screens and kiosk design
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