Central Issuance

Central Issuance

Central Issuance
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The Ultimate Platform for Intelligent Card Issuance and Delivery


Our issuance platform gives your business the ability to grow and empower your operations to meet the new market challenges. Our solution helps your business reduce issuance costs while meeting customers’ needs faster, as clients will be able to receive their personalized, ready to use cards the moment they open their accounts, providing immediate solution as an alternative to the traditional central issuance distribution model.

In addition, we can offer a range of customer-driven enhancements, giving your company the opportunity to expand and innovate your operations:

  • Proven reliability
  • Personalized on-demand printing
  • Greater efficiency
  • Low cost-per-card and cost-per-mailing
  • Exceptional security & automated quality
  • Long-term investment protection
  • Ready for any change, any challenge
  • Common easy to use software platform
  • Seamless card delivery
  • Service and support
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