Digital Security

Digital Security

Digital Security
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Providing End-to-End Security along with Strong Verification Processed Digitally


Digital security protects all of your IoT (Internet of Things) devices, allowing your enterprise to ensure they are issuing trusted information and credentials to a trusted identity.


Our digital signature solution allows you to digitally sign emails, Adobe and Microsoft Office documents, by issuing trusted certifications that verify the publisher’s identity and integrity as it is enabled by proven public key infrastructure technology. 


We talk about strong verification processes represented by the below, as this solution delivers digital verification for electronic transactions assuring customers that the information truly came from the source.


  • Authentication: validates the identity of the sender, allowing the recipient to confirm that in fact the message is substantiated 
  • Non repudiation: validates the uniqueness of the signature, as it cannot be rejected or disowned by the sender  
  • Data integrity: validates that the original message has not been altered, the recipient can validate the trusted sender’s identity and can be assured that the message is authentic 
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