Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
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Deliver insight and new value.


Enterprise Performance Management applications (EPM), help companies of any size drive predictable performance, report with confidence, and connect the entire organization.


EPM solutions provide market-leading functionality with fast time to value, simplicity of configuration, and prebuilt content for deeper integration and easy extensibility.

  • Enterprise planning & budgeting
  • Financial consolidation
  • Enterprise performance reporting
  • Account reconciliation



Improve the accuracy, efficiency, and consistency of your planning and budgeting processes. Connect operational processes and financial planning with robust, cloud-based EPM solutions.

  • Improve forecast accuracy with embedded predictive analytics
  • Accurately allocate costs to drive profitability
  • Leverage first-in-class functionality, and all your lines of business with specialized modules
  • React quickly to meet changing business conditions with speed-of-business reforecasting



Meet today’s—and tomorrow’s —reporting demands. Dramatically reduce the time and cost to complete the close. Deliver on increased regulatory requirements.

  • Improve transparency with accurate and timely reporting with context
  • Gain instant visibility on reporting progress and status
  • Easily combine system-of-record data into reporting
  • Gain close efficiency by consolidating on demand
  • Reduce financial close cycles with powerful close orchestration and detailed data collection
  • Manage and execute a transparent and extended financial close



Break down data silos. Connect your people and processes with a modern EPM system. Empower users with secure collaboration capabilities.

  • Speed user adoption and access with intuitive interfaces on every device
  • Achieve broader involvement, alignment, and collaboration across your business
  • Improve decision-making with speed-of-thought calculation, modeling, and analysis
  • Meet future business needs with proven scalability
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