ATM / POS Switching

ATM / POS Switching

ATM / POS Switching
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Open systems solution for high-performance transaction processing and switching.


Financial Institutions and transaction processors need the very best EFT switching software. Your customers demand instant access to their money 24x7 whether at the ATM, POS or via the growing range of mobile and self-service devices. Thus you need a switching solution that can handle your peak transaction volumes quickly and reliably, a solution that will scale with you as your volumes grow.


Our world-class EFT switching solution, from a market leader partner, has been tried and tested by some of the biggest names in the industry, and some of the world's largest banks and national switches.


Processors, merchant acquirers, mobile service operators, service providers and retailers all present a diverse set of payment processing requirements. Our solution provides the components designed to fit specific business requirements, regardless of the business type or role in the payment chain. It provides a core transaction processing engine that can accept payment transactions of any type, from any touch point, and output them in the formats required by the appropriate payment network.


Our ATM/POS system controls and manages all aspects of card authorization on behalf of the host system, with features such as: Authorization processing, network interface, host system interface, message management, security processing, failure monitoring, reporting, ATM management, and POS handling.


We know that migrating a mission critical application such as your EFT Switch is not a simple task, but we have a good track-record and methodology for a seamless migration and integration, minimizing the impact to your customers.




  • Complete management of card transaction processing from ATM and POS networks, mobile and internet banking
  • ATM driving
  • Links to all major domestic and international schemes
  • Fast, reliable, scalable
  • Open platform: Supports a variety of platform and database combinations and configurations tailored to meet client, site specific and hardware requirements
  • Easy integration with a range of risk and fraud management tools, card management systems, core banking platforms, etc…
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