Body Temperature Measurement System

Body Temperature Measurement System

Body Temperature Measurement System
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A solution that actually works against the spread of COVID-19!


Our non-contact temperature measurement solution is comprised of a complete set of advanced technology able to detect high number of people in real-time.  The system measures body temperature with accuracy, and detects visitors with high-fever who would be denied entrance to buildings, malls, banks, airports… to prevent the diffusion of the virus while recommending a medical follow-up.


It includes a dual spectrum camera, an infrared blackbody temperature calibrator needed to achieve temperature accuracy, accessories and professional software. 


Unlike normal thermal cameras that are mainly used for fire detection and for security purposes, the SYCURYS Body Temperature Measurement System has been developed specifically for high-fever detection offering lot of benefits:


  • Professional 400 *300 pixels thermal camera with infrared temperature calibrator which maintains a constant temperature as reference point
  • Fast intelligent face recognition with ±0.3℃ temperature scanning accuracy
  • Measurements within 30 milliseconds at a distance of 3-5 meters
  • Over temperature real time warning
  • Supported by a professional Video Management Software especially developed for high-fever subjects while offering facial recognition and other advanced analytics features
  • Support mobile app
  • Data can be checked & analyzed
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