Virtual Secretary

Virtual Secretary

Virtual Secretary
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Got work piling up? We provide your business with remote assistance.


Our offered solution can benefit your entire organization especially when your workforce is overwhelmed with the workload, juggling different roles at once and having difficulty in office administration, data entry, website management…


Our virtual secretary solution ensures your customers satisfaction by letting our highly qualified service agents be the front liners for your organization, maintaining your brand’s identity thus providing better customer service without the cost of hiring new staff.



  • Accommodate large volume of calls from customers without making them wait
  • Available 24/7, after business hours, or on-demand as you deem necessary
  • Multilingual competent, highly trained and professional agents
  • Wide array of virtual assistance services (from non-essential admin tasks, project management to technical help)
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Schedule appointments on your web-based calendar
  • Relay messages in real time so you can address emergencies or respond proactively to customer needs
  • Collect lead information so no call is ever a wasted opportunity
  • An extension of you: ability to integrate with your existing systems and software, including web portals, online calendars, and CRM applications
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